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OEM Micro Peristaltic Pump with Easy Load Pump Head Yz1515X
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Product: Views:157OEM Micro Peristaltic Pump with Easy Load Pump Head Yz1515X 
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Last updated: 2017-12-02 22:19
OEM Micro Peristaltic Pump with easy load pump head Yz1515x


OEM Micro Peristaltic Pump with easy load pump head Yz1515x description;

Micro Peristaltic Pump OEM of YZ1515X type 12 voltage Shenchen;

Easy load pump head. change the tubing easily and rapidly;auotomatic tubing retentions;accept 9 sizes tubing to meet different flow rate requests;Two kinds of material housing for customers selection.


A peristaltic pump works by pressure and displacement. It is used mainly to pump liquids through a tube, which is different than most other pumps in which parts of the pump actually come into direct contact with the liquid. It is one of the most common types of tools used to pump liquids, especially in medical settings. Because the mechanical workings of the peristaltic pump never come into contact with the fluid directly, it has a number of uses, especially in situations where sterile fluids are required.
A peristaltic pump operates by allowing fluids into a hose. The fluid then flows into the pump casing through the hose. Once there, a rotor with a number of rollers compresses the tube forcing the liquid on through the pump and directing it to its final destination. This technique is known as peristalsis. Thus, the tool is called a peristaltic pump.
Often, when using a peristaltic pump, the fluids must be kept in a pure environment. Therefore, the hoses must always contain the same fluid. However, this does not necessarily limit the functioning of the pump, because the hoses can be switched out. This is often done, for example, in cases where there is an IV fluid being pumped.

Peristaltic pump feature;

speed adjusting peristaltic pump YZ1515X oem dosing pump

1. Support COD on-line monitor.

2. Support anorectal therapeutic instruments

3. Support biofermentation cylinder.

Unique design

Low cost,low effitive

High quality manufacturing and materials

Simple structure, less spare parts 

Quick tube replacement (no tools requirement)

Cover lock for bi-directional operation 

Quiet operation (low decibel)

Dry turn accepted 

High quality Silicone tubing /Pharmed BPT as standard

Long maintenance free operation life 

Wide customization options 

DC motor

Tubings and flow rates-peristaltic pump
speed adjusting peristaltic pump YZ1515X oem dosing pump
Advantages--Peristaltic pump
The pump offers other advantages as well. For example, because the inside of the peristaltic pump is dry, there is less of a need to worry about having to protect the pump from moisture. The moisture stays inside the tube. Therefore, because less waterproofing is needed the peristaltic pump is often cheaper to manufacture when compared to a liquid pump.

1. No contamination. Because the only part of the pump in contact with the fluid being pumped is the interior of the tube, it is easy to sterilize and clean the inside surfaces of the pump.

2. Low maintenance needs. Their lack of valves, seals and glands makes them comparatively inexpensive to maintain.

3. They are able to handle slurries, viscous, shear-sensitive and aggressive fluids.

4. Pump design prevents backflow and syphoning without valves.
Applications--Peristaltic pump

Due to the sterility issue, the peristaltic pump finds itself most useful in the medical environment. It can be used in dialysis machines, heart-pumping machines, and IV machines. In addition to this, it can also be used for liquids meant for consumption. The cost of a peristaltic pump can vary widely depending on the application and the power source involved.

Typical applications
Dialysis machines
Open-heart bypass pump machines
Medical infusion pumps
Testing and research
Analytical chemistry experiments
Carbon monoxide monitors
Media dispensers
'Sapsucker' pumps to extract maple tree sap
Food manufacturing and sales
Liquid food fountains
Beverage dispensing
Chemical handling
Printing, paint and pigments
Pharmaceutical production
Engineering and manufacturing
Concrete pump
pulp and paper plants
Water and Waste
Sewage sludge
Aquariums, particularly calcium reactors

Shenchen peristaltic pump service;

Our company support 1 year warranty for all of our products. 

Any question of peristaltic dosing pump, pls feel free to contact us.

We produce OEM pumps according with customers' request.

Shenchen aim to the first brand of Peristaltic Pump